Discover a Hands-On Animal Experience

Visit our private zoo in Lufkin, TX

Have you ever seen a giant tortoise up close? Are you fascinated by the beauty and variety of exotic animals but can't travel to see them in their natural habitat? Pawsitive Animal Encounters, LLC invites you to visit our private zoo in Lufkin, TX. Experience the joy of interacting with a menagerie of creatures from around the world without leaving the state.
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Bringing a bit of the wild to your neighborhood

Our world is filled with bizarre and beautiful animals, each perfectly adapted to their unique ecosystem. The lifeforms that inhabit the dry, hot deserts of Australia are vastly different from the creatures that make their home in the rain forests of South America. At Pawsitive Animal Encounters, you can view and even hold animals from all parts of the world.

Our private zoo collection includes:


A squirrel monkey

Bearded Dragon

A fennec fox

A ball python

A sulcata tortoise

New Animal Arrivals: African Cape Porcupine, Sloth, Chinchilla, Continental Giant Rabbit

You and your family will also have the chance to interact with our pigs, goats and other furry creatures. Our zoo is licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the same department that licenses public zoos. That's because all of our animals are healthy and well-cared for. Schedule an individual tour, or bring a group to our Lufkin, TX location.

Animal welfare is our first priority

At Pawsitive Animal Encounters, we're passionate about what we do. Our business is family-owned, so our animals are treated like part of the family. The staff takes great care to make sure every animal's specific needs are met and that they receive regular veterinary care.

Don't miss the chance to see some of the most interesting animals on the planet. Set up a tour of our exotic animal zoo in Lufkin, TX right away. (936) 404-8227