See What Packages We Have To Offer!

Sloth Party (can come to you)

30 minutes · $300

We can bring Scarlett the sloth to your party!

Sloth Encounters (price per person)

30 minutes · $60

We go into Scarlett's room and pet, feed and take selfies with her. It is too stressful on her to come down and be held in your lap.

Party At Our Location

2 hours · $400

Table cloths, plates, utensils, tables provided. Max 18 people please. Tour is 1 & 1/2 hrs, the last 30 minutes used for cake & gifts. If more than 18 people it's $15 per person after that. Can see the sloth for $75.

Field Trips (our location

1 hour 30 minutes · $20

$20 per child $10 per parent/teacher attending. Minimum of 20 people including adults. Max 25 people please.

Daycare/Classroom/Church/Nursing Home Encounter

1 hour • $250 local price

We can bring Sasha (squirrel monk), Blaze (fennec fox), bunny rabbit & the reptiles to your daycare/classroom/NH/church (animals that travel are subject to change).

Encounters At Our Location

1 hour 30 minutes • Price by age below

$30 per person. Up to a year old free. Must be at least 3 paying. 2 people only $90. Meet squirrel monkey, wallaby, bearded dragon, ball python, fennec fox, porcupine, chinchilla, tortoise, goats, llama & pigs. Sloth is separate.

Gift Cards Available!