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Encounters At My Home
1 hour 30 minutes • Price by age below

Minimum 3 paying. 2 & under free. Ages 3-10 $25. Ages11 & up $35. Get to meet Sasha, Bentley, Rocky, Blaze, & Ivey. Can pet/feed tortoise, goats, Llamas & pigs.

Grand Opening/Ball Tournaments
1 hour 30 minutes • $300 local price

We are there as "entertainment" to your customers and when you advertise we will be there on your big day. It helps to draw a bigger crowd with the animals there. This includes a monkey, fox & various reptiles.

Daycare/Classroom/Nursing Home Encounter
1 hour • $200 local price

We can bring Sasha(squirrel monk), Bentley(albino wallaby), Blaze (fennec Fox), bunny rabbit & the Reptiles to your daycare/classroom/NH/church.

Party/Events With 2 Animals
1 hour 30 minutes • $250 local price

We come to your location with a Squirrel Monkey, wallaby, fennec Fox, reptiles (includes 2, ball python and bearded dragon).

Party/Event With Reptiles Only
1 hour 30 minutes • $150 local price

We come to you! This includes Ivey the 5 ft ball python and Rocky the bearded dragon.

Party/Event With All Animals
1 hour 30 minutes • $350 local price

We come to you! Party's aren't held at our location. This would include Sasha (squirrel monkey), Rocky (bearded dragon), Ivey (ball python), bunny rabbit, fennec Fox, and box turtles.

Birthday Party With Sasha
1 hour 30 minutes • $150 local

We come to your party! No party's at our location. Includes Sasha only. Depending on the situation Sasha May or may not come out of her cage or will be on a leash.