Plan a Trip to Pawsitive Animal Encounters

Here's what you can expect on our private zoo tours in Lufkin, TX

Ready to meet our animals up close? You can count on Pawsitive Animal Encounters, LLC to provide safe, fun tours throughout the year. We're a privately-owned facility located in Lufkin, TX that houses a variety of exotic animals for educational purposes.

The types of animals we have may change periodically, but our current private zoo tours include:

A Sloth | A Sulcata Tortoise | Continental Giant Rabbits | Fennec Foxes | A Ball Python | Albino Wallabies | A Squirrel Monkey | A Bearded Dragon | An African Cape Porcupine

We also include pigs, goats and box turtles in our tours. In order to visit our animals, you'll need to book a tour. Tours take place at our facility, and we offer a traveling animal show in the Lufkin, TX area. Speak with our staff to start planning your tour today. (936) 404-8227

Important details regarding tour bookings

Tours at Pawsitive Animal Encounters last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. You must have three people minimum to book a tour. Each tour will include a guide who will provide information about each of our animals. You'll be able to hold or pet some of the animals on the tour. Our traveling animal show doesn't include all of our animals, but we'll bring a nice assortment.

Don't wait to book your trip. Inquire about our private zoo tours in Lufkin, TX soon.

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